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Tennis Card Game


Tennis is an unique card game based on tennis. The rules are:Each player gets a hand of ten cards. The game will pick who serves to start the game randomly.ServingTo serve, play an Ace or a number card 3-10. The card you play represents your hit’s power; the power your opponent has to use to hit it back. For a serve, an Ace is 15.
Hitting BackWhen hitting back a serve or hit you must get a power of equal to or greater than your opponent’s power. If your opponent serves with an ace, you can block it with an ace. Otherwise you must play up to two number cards adding up to equal to or greater than your opponent’s power. Twos do not count as number cards. Face cards and twos have the following effects:
-2s make your hit a spike, forcing you opponent to discard two cards before hitting it back-Jacks let you draw two cards-Aces let you draw one cardYou can play one 2, Jack, or Ace a turn-Queens add 5 to your hit’s power, or subtract 5 from your opponent’s-Kings hit back any power, but only at a power of 1
If you can’t hit back, you lose. If your opponent can’t hit back, you win.